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We kindly ask that while you’re out and about, to please follow some simple viewing etiquette.

1 • Don't block any driveways or roads for thru-traffic.

2 • Please turn off your headlights. The bright light can dim the display, or blind other viewers.

3 • Don't blast the music really loud in your car, especially with the windows down.

4 • Stay calm when finding a viewing spot , and drive up when the car in front leaves so that other cars can improve their view too. Keep the spirit of Christmas — everyone wants to enjoy the show!

5 • Unless given permission, please stay out of yards! Many of the displays have hundreds of cords, and you don't want to electrocute yourself.

Thanks for remembering these good habits & enjoy the lights!

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Welcome to Loudoun Christmas Lights! We've created this page to help other Christmas light lovers find local Christmas displays. This page is intended for people in Loudoun County (and maybe really close by) to exhibit their homes so that others may find them and appreciate the cheer they have created on their properties. If you have a display to submit, go to the “submit a display” tab.  If you’re looking for displays, go to the “light displays” and “map” tabs.  The “map” tab also has maps for area Christmas Light events.

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